Sales & Services

Land Portraits

An Art Service for Landowners and Conservation Organizations in the Midwest. Document your land for future generations through photographs. Create a history of restoration and preservation. There is a wide range of prices depending on what the client wants beginning with a $150 consultation at your property. Usually, the landowner and I make a plan, often seasonal, and agree to an overall price with film and processing additional.

Archival Silver Gelatin Prints

All archival handmade wet darkroom silver gelatin prints are individually priced. Each comes from a limited edition of 5 with the exception of Controlled Burn at Ferry Bluff which is currently in its second edition of 20. Prints vary in size. Contact me for information about individual prints.

Archival Pigment Prints

Signed Print Of A Controlled Burn Photograph From Firelines

Controlled burn prints can be ordered in sizes up to 20 inches wide except for ‘Veined Apparitions’, available up to 24 inches wide. Purchaser can choose from two surfaces, cotton rag or semi-gloss.

Print will not be made until ordered. Allow two weeks for delivery. Shipping cost determined at time of purchase.

Signed Prints Of Multi-Media Collages

Originally constructed from photographs, Japanese rice paper, lacquered grass cloth and wood.

Two Vertical scrolls from the Sandhill Crane series in three sizes.

Morning Coffee with Cranes
Spring Rains and Cranes
(44X14) $200  (only Morning Coffee With Cranes)
(41X14) $175
(36×11) $145

Crazy Bird Lady evokes Native American Pacific Northwest and Alaskan masks.
(20X34) $175

Limited Edition Postcards and Notecards

Limited edition notecards and postcards feature work from several of my portfolios. Writing sides are blank. Package of six. All cards and notecards require a first class stamp.

Upon customer request, one card in a package can be signed by the artist. Cards are suitable for framing.

Panorama Cards

(9.5 X 4.12)
Package of 6 folded notecards $18.50 plus shipping
Package of 6 postcards $16.50 plus shipping.
All cards include envelopes.

Controlled Burn at Ferry Bluff (postcard)
Wall of Fire (postcard)
Dead Drunk (folded notecard, postcard)
Skeletons in Science Class (folded notecard, postcard)

Wheelbarrow in Winter

(8.5 X 5.5)
6 notecards and envelopes, $19.00 plus shipping


(6.5 X 4.5)
Brushwood Tipi on Hog Island, Maine
6 notecards and envelopes, $18.00 plus shipping

Rendezvous Postcards

(8 X 5)
Package of 6 postcards $12.00 plus shipping.
Specify whether 6 of one or 3 of each.

Tipis at Bloody Lake Rendezvous