Views from the 1930’s and the 21st Century
2007 – 2016

Aldo Leopold Legacy Center
Baraboo, WI

Thirty odd years after the first encounter, I reread A Sand County Almanac and revisited the land surrounding Aldo Leopold’s Shack as both artist and landowner. I went to see what clear thinking, teamwork, a good understanding of ecosystems, and time can accomplish. The Aldo Leopold Foundation staff indicated points of interest and then generously let me explore and photograph without any agenda. It is a joy and privilege to have the opportunity now to pair some of these photographs with Carl Leopold’s vibrant photographic record of his family at work and play more than 60 years earlier. These photographs continue a tradition of discovering Aldo Leopold’s words and celebrating this landscape.

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18. CL Estella planting pines
19. Reserve pines in 2005
3. Starker builds Parthenon
7. tree with skull