For more information about the Badger Army Ammunition Plant area and the greater local community:

  • Badger History Group
  • Sauk County Historical Society

Interest in the historical and environmental narratives of specific landscapes led me to the Badger Army Ammunition Plant, constructed in 1941 and last used during the Vietnam War. Seven thousand acres and hundreds of decaying structures lie within its rows of barbed wire fence. Initially I trained my lenses on the remnants of 19th and 20th century farm homesteads and graveyards where, in 1941, the government gave 80 homesteaders 60 days to leave their land forever. Later I focused on the buildings of the munitions plant, whose odd designs optimized their functions. Recently the environmental cleanup work was added to this photographic project, as the narrative continues in a toxic landscape.

Photographs from this ongoing project have been exhibited at several locations including the "Inside the Fence" exhibit at the Wisconsin State Museum in Madison, and published in regional and national magazines. Recent publications of the Ammunition Plant photographs include Wisconsin Trails Magazine, October 2004, and On Wisconsin, Summer 2004.